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The 20 Pawesome Dog Pajamas for All Sizes That Won't Drive Your Pup Nuts


Are you looking for something super soft and warm for your dog to wear now that it's cold outside? You can find a ton of adorable options for dog pajamas on Amazon. Our staff wrote this with all dog lovers in mind - 20 dog pajamas for pet parents!

Your best friend needs some pajamas! These can be worn all day... of course.

In some cases, there are even matching PJs for your dog and the entire family! Here are 20 deals on Amazon for dogs of all sizes.

1. Fitwarm Knitted Thermal Pet Clothes for Dog Pajamas 

Fitwarm designs and produces pet clothing themselves, fully controlling every single part of the production to make sure they can offer the highest standard products to every fur baby. The cost of these adorable dog PJs is $13.99 and they come in sizes XS to XXL.  


2. Lanyarco Lovely Small Pet Dogs Pajamas  

Yes! Jumpsuit pajamas with a snowman print are available and at such a good price. 

These jumpsuit pajamas, come in 5 (XS to XL) sizes and are available for $13.98 on Amazon Prime.  

3. Fitwarm Adorable Milk Cows Comfy Velvet Winter Pajamas 

These are made of soft velvet and perfect for everyday wear, sleep time and photos. This is available in many sizes (XS to XXL) and colors. It can be yours for $12.99. 

4. Scheppend Adidog Pet Clothes and Jammies 

The four-legged jumpsuit considerately makes sure to keep pets hindquarters warm as well, especially in cold autumn and winter seasons. So jumpsuit or jammies? It's the same thing as far as we're concerned. 


$10.99 on Amazon and available in sizes S to 9XL!

5. Dog Flapjack Onesie by LazyOne

What are dog Flapjacks! These doggie PJ's come in sizes ranging from XS to L --perfectly accommodating furry friends of all sizes. Available for $18.99. 

6. Leveret Dog Pajamas Matching Christmas 

These are family matching pajamas, and all styles have the same print in kids, women and men's. The dog design has an elastic waistband! The dog PJ's are $14.99 and come in XS to XXL sizes. 

7. Hdwk&Hped Soft Cotton Dog Pajamas

The dress style dog pajamas, made of skin-friendly cotton, with lovely red and white stripes are adorable! The sizing is based on length and girth so you'll need to check the specifications. Sells for $10.99. 


8. CuteBone Dog Pajamas 

Made from super high-quality fabric that is very soft and they come in a variety of sizes (XS to XL) and feature many different adorable designs -rockets! Available for $12.99 on Amazon. 

9. PetRageous Cozy Thermal Pajamas for Pets

PetRageous Designs, cozy thermal PJ's are comfortable pajamas for your dog featuring a waffle weave. Fits dogs that are a length of 18 - 21 inches, girth 26 inches, and weight 35-65 pounds. Available for $14.03. 

10. S-Lifeeling Puppy Clothes Dog Coat Jumpsuit

These cozy PJ's need to be sized correctly so check Amazon's page for specifications. The size ranges from XS to XL. Chest and length measurements are key. Available for $11.99. 

11. Tooth & Honey Big Dog Pajamas

These are great for slim pit bull type dogs, greyhounds, terrier mixes and other short-haired breeds with an athletic build/ thinner neck. Check the sizing chart as these are fitted PJ's! The sizes range from M to XL and they're available for $42.00. 


12. EastCities Dog Clothes for Small Dogs: Puppy Pajamas 

The striped design is so cute! The brand asks that you carefully measure your dog's back, chest, and neck (a bit loosely when measuring) though to get a good fit. Sizes range (note these are for smaller dogs) from S to XXL. These are available for $12.59. 

13. TONY HOBY Dog Pajamas & Dog Jumpsuits 

This design is made with an elastic waist, so your dog stays warm on cool nights. These PJ's also have an open belly that makes it easier for a dog to urinate. Sizes range from XS, S, and medium. The price is just right at $14.49. 

14. Adarl Cartoon Pattern Soft Flannel Pet Pajamas Dog Jumpsuit

These jammies are perfect for potty time! No need to worry about midnight potty breaks, these dog pajamas have an open belly for easy potty time. And strawberries are a trend we're seeing in PJ patterns! Sizes range from XS to XL. Available for $9.56.  

15. DOGGIE DESIGN Sweet Dreams Soft Cotton Thermal Dog Pajamas

These pajamas feature 100 percent cotton thermal material that is made with interlock stitching. The body is very soft and has great stretch and return memory built in! Sizes range from XS to L  and the price is reasonable at $19.99. 


16. Klippo Dog Yummy Strawberries Fleece Turtleneck Pajamas

The yummy strawberry prints are so cute on this one! These jammies have an extended collar and sleeves so they can be worn as a turtleneck or folded down. And they also have a functional pocket on the back and an attached large D-ring for easy leash attachment. The sizing is limited though since they're so popular - they come in XS, L, and XL. Available for $26.00.  

17. Dog/Puppy Silly Monkey Fleece Hooded Pajamas

There are super cute with "silly monkey" face expressions all over these fleece dog pajamas. They come in S to XL sizes (check out their sizing chart). Available for $26.99. 

18. FouFou Dog Buffalo Plaid Pajamas for Dogs

These are the latest addition to froufrou dog's fall/winter Collection! 100 percent cotton and they ask you to check their sizing chart before ordering. Available for $27.99. 

19. LovinPet Dog Pajamas

Made of soft, breathable and light-weight pure cotton, these jammies are great for dogs with sensitive skin! XS, S, and medium as far as sizing. They cost $7.90 so a bargain right now! 


20. Hip Doggie - Snowflake Longjohns for Dogs

These PJs are very soft and this warm fleece one-piece is embroidered with snowflake detail. Velcro closure for easy on and off and comes in XS to XL sizes. Available for $25.99. 

Enjoy shopping! Many of these items have free shipping.

What pajamas do you have for your dog? Please leave in the comments below the colors, patterns and a pic on Facebook - tag us!

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