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'We Rescued Each Other': Adopting an Obese Dog Saved This Man's Life


Mutual rescue stories tug at our heart strings. Eric and Peety's story is no different.

Six years ago, doctors told Eric he had five years to live. Overweight at 340 pounds, Eric had developed type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. If he didn't make some drastic changes, he was a ticking time bomb.

But one doctor suggested Eric adopt a dog from a shelter as encouragement for diet and exercise. Eric opted to take home an obese, middle-aged canine. Together, man and man's best friend could journey toward a healthy weight and lifestyle together.

And that's exactly what they did.

Peety inspired Eric to not only attain a healthy weight, but to maintain it. Eric is still running marathons, now with Peety's canine successor in tow.

This film is proof not only of the beautiful bond between dogs and their humans, but also of the benefits of adopting a shelter dog. So many pets are in need of loving homes, and so many humans are in need of loving, life-changing pets.

Shelter animals can offer a second chance to their owners just as they get a second chance at a family.