Australian Shepherd

Aussie Has Cutest Meltdown When Told She Can't Go Outside


Mya can throw a temper tantrum as good as any toddler.

When the 12-year-old Australian Shepherd was brought inside because she wouldn't stop barking at the neighbor's cat, she wasn't shy about showing her feelings. For several minutes straight, she stood by the door pouting and doing her best impression of a child who didn't get their way.

Mya stomps her paws in frustration and lets out pitiful cries in between purposeful barks. She uses her striking Aussie eyes in an attempt to work over her owner, but the door still doesn't budge. Minutes pass, but the determined dog doesn't back down. It's obvious she's used to getting her way.

Australian Shepherds are energetic, sometimes stubborn, dogs. Mya might be high-maintenance, but she's only doing what Aussies do best. Herding dogs love to chase, and the neighbor's cat would be the perfect plaything if it would only get closer. While the cat keeps its distance, Mya finds other subjects to project her voice on to. The mail carrier, other dogs, people walking past the house--Mya loves to bark at them all. She spends most of her time outside where she can keep an eye on the property.


Aussie owners like Mya's family try every training trick in the book to get their vocal dogs to quiet down. Positive reinforcement often works to curb the noise, but Mya simply can't keep her cool when it comes to the neighbor's cat. Her owners aren't too upset though, watching her child-like tantrums is always cause for a good laugh.

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