Dog moms anthem

'Dog Moms Anthem' is the Rap that Perfectly Describes Your Life


"They say you're not my baby, and I know it ain't true."

If you're a dog mom, "Dog Moms Anthem" perfectly describes your life. Covered in fur with poop bags and treats in their pockets, dog moms are a breed of their own, and this original rap celebrates everything it means to be a female dog owner. Originally posted and made available for download by Bark Post, the rap music video is everything the modern dog mom needs to make it through the day.

The catchy tune is written and performed by T-SPOON and ZZTOPHALF and produced by Lisa Bernier + BARK. A lot of dog-loving minds came together to make the video possible, and dog moms everywhere are rejoicing. Finally, an ode to all those early mornings, long walks, and hours spent caring for your dog.

It hits on points that only the most dedicated dog moms can relate to. From throwing your dog a birthday party to spending all your money on toys and treats. Elevated bowls, organic dog food, and a camera roll full of dog pictures are only a few parts of life as a pup parent.

The rap hits on the fact that while not as many millennials are getting married as past generations, owning a dog is a commitment they're more than happy to take on. To them, their dogs aren't pets, they're part of the family. They spend money on them and do things non dog people scoff at. But a committed dog mom isn't going to let a nay-sayer bring her down.

As they say in "Dog Moms Anthem,"

"Can't wait to wake up and do it over again. Say it with me now, dogs are a woman's best friend!"

What do you think of "Dog Mom's Anthem?" Let us know in the comments.

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