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Powered by Poop: This Town Is Turning Pet Waste into Energy and Fertilizer


A town in Canada is turning dog poop into a natural resource with an initiative called "Poop Power," which will convert the waste into fertilizer and energy. 

Waterloo, Canada's Mayor, David Jaworsky, is hoping to kill two birds with one stone with a new initiative to convert dog poop into energy and fertilizer. Yep, you read that correctly.

Called "Poop Power," the program came about as an answer to the city's massive dog poo problem and hopes to turn a so-called crappy situation into something productive, green, and efficient.

The idea came about when a local businessman approached the mayor with the proposal. The city will host a pilot program featuring three receptacles placed around the city. Dog owners simply drop their poop bags into the bin, which are actually wells dug six feet into the ground.

A company then collects the waste and transports it to a treatment facility. There, the dog droppings are mixed with livestock manure and other organic materials over a one to three month period where it will remain in an oxygen-free environment. While processing, the bacteria in the poop emits gasses, which are collected and used to run generators. Leftover materials will be used as fertilizer.

Mayor Jaworsky believes that each container will create enough electric energy to power 26 homes. The program is set to launch in a matter of weeks.

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Images via Sutera USA

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