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What does a day around the coop look like? Feathered friends describe the hectic, unpredictable barn life with impressive vernacular.

These farm birds use pen and paper, dry erase boards, and digital art to get their messages across. Some of them are sorry for their transgressions, but the majority sport a look in their beady eyes that says they are just going to keep on doing what they're doing.

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There are a surprising number of poop shamers out there, but we tried to limit the number of chicken sh*t jokes. Instead, we've mixed in a number of infant terrorizers, broody chickens that practice poor parenting skills, and opportunistic feeders.

The Freeloader Who's Surpassed Her Prime

The Lazy Chicken

The Babysitter Parents Suspect of Fowl Play

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The Opportunistic Foragers

The Disappearing Hen Act

A Different Form of Chicken Birth Control

The Love Means Love Bird


The Perfectionist and the Misfits

The Poultry Glass Ceiling Paradigm

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Child Terrorizer Meets Opportunistic Feeder

The Promiscuous Mother

So many photos of hens caught in the act! Who knew?

Do you have a chicken shaming photo to share? Show us in the comments below to spread the avian love and chagrin.

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